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From Humble Beginnings to Financial Success: The Journey of an Entrepreneur Ready to Empower Others to Grow Their Wealth

Empowering Your Financial Future

Enter our world, where we bestow upon you priceless knowledge of attaining financial freedom by establishing multiple streams of passive income. Regardless of your generation, we are here to equip you with the tools and guidance required to conquer financial independence and live on your terms. We strive to empower individuals to create a steady flow of income with minimal effort, enabling them to focus on the things that truly matter. Dare to join us on this revolutionary journey towards financial liberation and unlock the secrets of manifesting the life you've always envisioned.
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The Starter Pack Challenge includes a set of life planning templates and a workbook, as well as access to our Forum and the exclusive Wealth Magic Group.


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Our monthly membership offering includes access to HapNav, a powerful cash flow planning tool, and the extensive MoneyFitt financial education library.


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Elevate your membership experience with exclusive access to our comprehensive video learning programme, designed to empower your financial future.

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Creating a better financial future for everyone.

Our Strategy

Our core strategy is rooted in the belief that financial planning is not just about managing your money but about transforming your life and enabling you to pursue your dreams. As a result, our mission is to help you achieve true wealth in all aspects of your life, including your finances, health, time, and relationships. By balancing these critical elements of life, we aim to empower you to live longer and healthier and cultivate meaningful and fulfilling relationships with loved ones.

With our tailored approach to financial planning, we are committed to helping you achieve holistic success and reach your full potential.

Our Clients

Are you tech-savvy, self-directed and underserved? Are you ready to take control of your financial destiny? Our platform empowers you to make informed decisions about your money to achieve financial independence and security. With our practical tools and expert resources, you can confidently plan your future and make your money work for you. We believe everyone can succeed with money, and our goal is to provide you with the right resources and support to make that a reality. Take the first step towards financial empowerment today and unleash your true potential!

Our Mission

We have one bold mission: to embolden every generation to seize the reins of their financial destiny and cultivate their wealth. Our revolutionary money management tools, coupled with unwavering support, are designed to aid self-starters and tech trailblazers in transforming how they manage their finances. Say farewell to antiquated financial customs and relish the prospect of financial emancipation. Embrace the challenge with us as we strive to revolutionise the status quo and create a brighter financial future for all.

About Us

Our Approach

Increase Cash Flow

Increasing your cash flow is also crucial in growing your wealth. This means finding ways to earn more money, whether it is through a promotion at work, starting a side business or investing in income-generating assets such as rental property.

Pay Down Debt

Another thing that we do is to pay down debt. We understand that having debt can feel overwhelming, but paying it off is essential to building wealth. This is because debt incurs interest, and the longer you take to pay it off, the more interest you will accumulate.

What We Offer

Create An Emergency Fund

Building an emergency fund is important as it provides a safety net in case of unexpected expenses. It is recommended that you have at least three to six months’ worth of living expenses saved up in case of a job loss or other unforeseen circumstances.

Protect Loved Ones

Protecting your loved ones from unpredictable events is also crucial in growing your wealth. This means having adequate insurance coverage, including life insurance, disability insurance, and property insurance.

Start Investing

One of the key things that we did to grow our wealth was to start saving a proportion of our income into investment accounts. This allowed us to earn compound interest, which means that our money started to work for us. It is essential to start investing early on in life as it gives you time to benefit from compound interest.

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About Tony Byrne

Tony is more than just a financial specialist. As a self-made entrepreneur and property investor, he understands first-hand the importance of careful money management, and has developed a wealth of tips and strategies which can help you to make the most of every penny – however much you earn. If you worry about your financial future, and want to look forward to a secure, comfortable retirement, Tony recommends that you take a look at Wealth Magic. It could be one of the wisest investments you make.

Putting You In Control

Our approach to financial planning is unique as we believe in empowering our clients with complete ownership of the tools and data. Our platform is the first of its kind. By linking to Open Banking, we enable seamless integration of your financial data, allowing you to make informed decisions about your financial future. Our innovative approach was recently shortlisted as a finalist for the Best Use of Technology in the Investment Life & Pensions sector at The Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts Awards in 2022, with HapNav - The happiness navigator!

Personal Finance Content Library

MoneyFitt's personal finance content library provides a comprehensive resource for investors to elevate their financial knowledge and make informed investment decisions. With access to our regularly updated library, you can learn about various investment options, associated risks and potential returns, market trends, and personal finance principles. Sign up now to access accurate and current information, empowering you to make informed decisions about your finances. Don't miss out on the benefits of our personal finance content library.

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Wealth Magic

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01908 523740

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